Ken Hultman
Author & Speaker


Ken recently presented at the Arizona Organizational Development Network chapter meeting.


He also attended his 50th reunion at Arizona State University! 

Go Sun Devils!

Ken is proud to announce the publication of his latest fiction book, Clancy's Song!

      Clancy is a precocious young bull calf born onto the progressive Freedom Ranch, located in an ideal mountain setting.  Cattle live in perfect safety with all of their needs met- as long as they follow the laws that the bull god, Father Taurus, has set for them. 'Stay inside the fence,' 'Don't ask hard questions,' and 'Spend as much time as possible grazing' are just some of the rules cattle must follow in order to be selected for 'Bovinia,' the cow version of heaven. When Clancy grows increasingly suspicious of the motivation behind the rules, he and his friends set out to uncover the truth about the ranch... and must deal with the horrifying and life-altering consequences of what they find.  Fans of classic allegories like Watership Down and Animal Farm will also love Clancy's Song!


Ken is also a renowned organization development authority and award-winning author. His non-fiction works include the management classic Making Change Irresistible. Ken has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Mitsubishi, Northrop Grumman and General Electric. Dr. Hultman is proud to offer the following services:

* Executive Coaching via Skype or in person.

* OD Workshops via webinars or on-site.

**Visit the workshops page for more information.**


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