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Take Charge of Your Relationships!

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The capacity to build and maintain effective relationships is the single most important skill for personal fulfillment.  Based on Ken's imaginative and captivating book, Becoming a Genuine Giver, this informative and practical program gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to revolutionize current relationships and build healthy new ones. At this insightful workshop, you will:
  • Discover what you really want from others
  • Identify relationship strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn to build healthier, trusting relationships
  • Raise your relationship IQ
  • Become a more genuine, authentic giver

"I greatly benefitted by completing and analyzing the results from the ‘Interpersonal Motivation Scale’ while attending the intensive group experience Ken facilitated.  I pride myself in being a good change agent, and with my many years of experience it is hard to find a learning experience that challenges my own development.  Ken, his instrument and facilitation did that for me in a very meaningful way.  The Scale allowed me to feel reinforced in some areas of strength, and also revealed potential barriers to fulfilling my desire to become a more effective change agent.  The issues I identified have led me to new insights and some significant improvements in how I approach my work."

Don Thoren
Thoren Group, LLC

"So, who do executive & leadership coaches seek coaching from?  For me, the answer was Ken Hultman. The insights he led me to years ago though his ‘Interpersonal Motivation Scale’ helped me greatly when I first launched my consulting practice."

Ross Shiffo
Cultural Architect – Leadership & Organizational Development
Human Performance Innovations

"Ken is the best facilitator and coach I’ve had the opportunity to observe (and I have seen many).  Ken quickly assesses interpersonal dynamics and deftly provides interventions that generate healthier communication, self-awareness, and improved outcomes."

Leslie Yandle
Human Resources Director
Humanproof, LLC

The Becoming a Genuine Giver workshop debuted at the Creativity and Madness Conference
Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 2011

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