Ken Hultman

Coach  •  Trainer  •  Author
Take Charge of Your Destiny!

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Are you living the life you truly want to live?  Do you sometimes feel something is missing and you're not sure what?  There is only one you.  There never has been nor will there ever be another one like you.  Each of us possesses unique talents and abilities needed to make our world a better place; we only need the courage to use them.  Based on Ken's imaginative and captivating book, Becoming a Person of Destiny,this individualized and practical program gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to move toward living a more fulfilled, satisfying life. At this life-changing workshop, you will:
  • Discover your true destiny in life
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to living your destiny
  • Learn how fate and free will relate to destiny
  • Take the first step toward using your full potential!

The Becoming a Person of Destiny workshop debuted at the
Creativity and Madness Conference
Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 2012

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