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Dr. Ken Hultman is an expert in the field of Organizational Development and Change Management.  Dr. Hultman is the author of three books on the subject, including the now classic "Making Change Irresistable," as well as numerous articles including the award-winning "Evaluating Organizational Values." On the subject of Organizational Change, Dr. Hultman offers the following dynamic workshops:

Building a High-Performing Organizational Culture

Research has shown consistently that high-performing organizations have different values from others, whether performance is measured by financial criteria, such as returns or revenue growth, or by corporate longevity or sustainability.  During this workshop, participants will learn the strong connection between values and performance and assess their own organization's values using the Organizational Values Scale.  They will also learn how to:

  • Close the gap between espoused and actual values
  • Bring about greater integration among individual, team and organizational values
  • Move away from low-performing values toward values that foster growth.
  • Embed values in management systems.
Participants will leave with the knowledge and skills required to build and maintain a high-performing organizational culture.

Removing Barriers to Team Effectiveness

There are four personal and social needs in particular that teams must satisfy effectively in order to achieve their full potential: mastery, a sense of contribution, respect and acceptance.  This program provides participants with a greater understanding of the four key needs, and their impact on team morale and productivity.  In addition they will learn how to use the Psychological Need Fulfillment Inventory to develop and maintain high-performance teams.

Building Team Trust

Trust is based on the belief that another person has your best interests at heart; mistrust is based on the belief that another person is trying to control or manipulate you.  Trust requires both consistency and sincerity; we not only need to believe that the other person will do the right thing (consistency), but will do it for the right reason (sincerity).  Mistrust is an insidious and pervasive problem, robbing organizations of much-needed commitment and performance.  This program provides participants with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of trust and mistrust.  They will also learn how to use the Trust Scale to identify behaviors associated with mistrust, and how to increase the level of trust in teams.

Ten Commandments of Team Leadership

There are times when people discover what works by learning what doesn't work.  This program explains how participants can enhance their team performance and morale by following the Ten Commandments of Team Leadership.  Concrete examples and tips will be given to illustrate how these principles can be implemented successfully.

Building a Deep Team

Big differences exist between a shallow and deep team.  A shallow team keeps a lot of useful information hidden while a deep team brings this information out into the open and leverages it to increase team effectiveness.  Deep teams will out-perform shallow teams in terms of bottom-line results because they have access to a more complete range of relevant information.  During this program, participants will learn how to:
  • Identify the differences between deep and shallow teams
  • Distinguish three levels of team interaction
  • Identify the processes and outputs that shape team development
  • Describe how stress and coping strategies impact team interaction
  • Use the Deep Team Scale to assess team effectiveness
Managing Resistance to Change

One of the toughest challenges of today's leaders is to manage at the speed of change.  With the pace of technological advancement and the knowledge explosion, leaders face tremendous pressure as they attempt to gain support for change.  While resistance is always a problem, it is especially harmful during an economic downturn.  Regardless of how good or necessary a change may be, resistance should be expected.  While preventing resistance completely is unrealistic, the ability to manage resistance has emerged as an essential leadership skill.  This module gives participants the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and overcome resistance to change.  They will also learn to use a variety of tools and instruments, including the Change Opinion Survey.

In May 2014, Ken spoke at the Arizona Organization Development Network
chapter meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

In December 2011, Dr. Hultman presented a workshop entitled "Driving Change" at the
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Annual Sales Roundtable in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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